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10/10 : Suzuka

1. J.Leno
2. Philoctetes
3. F1Addict

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1. Philoctetes
2. J.Leno
3. F1Addict

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Philoctetes wins again !

After what initially looked to be a hard fought season, Philo has already clinched the Championship for 2003. Various contenders rose to the task for a while , but none could keep up the pressure for the whole season. We'll have the championship table up shortly to display all the sorid details, but suffice to say that besides being quick, Philoctetes is also consistant. For those of you eyeing the big prize, you'd better be more than a hot lap whiz. You'd better learn to drive fast for an hour.


Formula One & Motorsport News
The FIHS Driving Guide

We've all been there. You just dropped a bundle on you new computer. You couldn't wait for the sale, so you paid full retail for you favorite F1 sim. That "must have" racing wheel arrived just the other day. You've spend hours and hours getting familiar with this new rig from the electronic gods, but there is just one problem.....You STILL can't beat that 12 year old geek that logs in every time you try online racing. It makes you want to toss the whole thing out the window and take up a career in septic tank exploring. Wait! Before you give up any kind of social life and running your hands through your hair without a bit of caution, check this out!

Follow these links to the possibly "Offical FIHS Racing League Driving Guide"

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Q & A from a console convert:

One of our senior members has finally made the jump from a PSx to a computer. I took this opportunity to ask him a few questions about what the change over was like. If you have a console and wonder what the other half has, read on.

Q & A

A Brief History of HANS:

The last couple of weeks, in Formula 1, have been just full of controversy. New rules being a big reason of much of this. One change has made a LOT more drivers complain than was expected. That is the mandatory use of the HANS Device. Follow the link for a brief overview of this safety device.

Read On

MLP goes to Melbourne

Welcome to the wonderful world of Oz. I made it and for obvious reasons I have chosen Melbourne Australia as my final destination.

Is she looking for a tall Fosters, a decent boat to sail on, or her lost Men at Work record ? Read on to find out.


MLP meets the President

With less than 24 hours until Melbourne I thought long and hard on this next interview and decided that I had to take the chance and maybe just maybe he will be in the Ferrari garage.

Is it Schumacher ? Barichello ? The ghost of Enzo ? Find out here.

MLP goes country

Well we have crossed three states traveling towards the Mid-West to reach our next F.I.H.S. member.

Just who would MLP go acrossed so many arid, desolate, hot, and BORING states to talk to ? Follow me.

MLP gets in the garage

The clock is ticking and the sand is running out of the hourglass. [Who put sand in my clock again? - Ed] With the coming of the 2003 season I looked for our next guest in the wonderful city of Santa Ana.

Is MLP California Dreamin' or is there a good interview to be found in the sunshine state ? Surf On.


Hello everyone and welcome to what is sure to become the best in Sim Racing on the internet. We have a wide array of drivers whose skills rival that only of their wide variety or ethnic origin, some coming from as far away as Australia and Columbia to home-bread stock from Monrovia to Santa Ana, California. We will also be driving courses just as diverse as we are. The excitement is building. The smell of grease guns is the air. Since we have started a time countdown to the first race, I thought it would be nice to start a countdown of articles consisting of three questions from some of our members, to get some of their thoughts and ideas not only for future improvements to the forum, but also some insight as to their anticipation for the upcoming 2003 season. I was able to catch up to one of our members during a break from one of his practice sessions in Willow Springs, JohnW. John is one half of what helps keep our forum current and updated. He is our resident Co-Webmaster and has some wonderful ideas as to the coming season for F.I.H.S., as well as keeping up his current trend of improving with each off-season race.

Read the interview here.

The results are in:

...and an FIHS rookie takes the top spot. Appearantly , the rumors of JDClark's speed were true. He beat some of the old guard hot shoes by about 2.5 tenths of a second. It looks like the ladder to the top spot has just gotten one rung taller. Time will tell if the veterans of last season are up to the challenge.

See the time chart here.

Next up: The last preseason test at ...Suzuka.

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